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A Guardian Of Animus Comic - Hiringu and Suiren #1 by Light15XV A Guardian Of Animus Comic - Hiringu and Suiren #1 :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 3 0 [GoA] Chapter #4 - The Reflection by Light15XV [GoA] Chapter #4 - The Reflection :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 2 3 [GoA] Chapter #3 - The Abandoned by Light15XV [GoA] Chapter #3 - The Abandoned :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 1 0 [GoA] Chapter #2 - The Broken by Light15XV [GoA] Chapter #2 - The Broken :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 2 0 [GoA] Freja Sketch by Light15XV [GoA] Freja Sketch :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 4 4 [GoA] Nico by Light15XV [GoA] Nico :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 2 4 [GoA] Judging You - Ceri Evans by Light15XV [GoA] Judging You - Ceri Evans :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 2 0 Happy Valentine's Day!~ Xin Erika by Light15XV Happy Valentine's Day!~ Xin Erika :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 3 0 Starlight Messengers Logo by Light15XV Starlight Messengers Logo :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 2 0 Dark Hazel Logo by Light15XV Dark Hazel Logo :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 2 0 Code Future Logo by Light15XV Code Future Logo :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 2 0 Charm Girls Logo by Light15XV Charm Girls Logo :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 1 0 Dream Boys Logo by Light15XV Dream Boys Logo :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 0 0 [GoA] Few Character Traditional Headshots by Light15XV [GoA] Few Character Traditional Headshots :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 8 7 [GoA] Traditional Lua Headshot by Light15XV [GoA] Traditional Lua Headshot :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 8 2 Crystalize Logo by Light15XV Crystalize Logo :iconlight15xv:Light15XV 2 0


A Guardian Of Animus Comic - Hiringu and Suiren #1
I did say I was going to make a comic about my character in :iconguardian-of-animus:
My character gone through a gender change but now is accepting and reuniting with their own original identity.

This is just a preview c: but can be a page too.
[GoA] Chapter #4 - The Reflection
Chapter 4: The Reflection

For humans
It appears that the crevice in the sky shows glimpses of recollections of your character’s past—before they were called to Aesthia, back when they were in the real realm. Your character can see several scenes of their past, but no more than that. (So please don’t let your character remember everything. That should still remain a mystery. However, it’s up to you which pieces of memories they saw in the sky.)

You are required to draw your character either with the view of the cracked sky, or just the memory of their past itself.

For non-human races
There is only a void in the sky, for races other than humans, as they don’t have any recollections to look at. However, as your character sees all the humans seemingly relive their pasts, it reminds them of their own home as well, and why they came to Elledolias in the first place.

You are required to draw your character’s past before they came to Elledolias, or just your character reacting to the cracking sky.
Reward200 G and 32 exp
BONUS: 50 G and 5 exp if finished before January 1st
[GoA] Chapter #3 - The Abandoned
Chapter 2: The Broken

Deadline: None
Requirement: None
Specification: Help needed from all over Aesthia! Many villages have fallen victim one way or another as a result of the unexpected calamity. But as the central village, Elledolias has received numerous requests for help from neighboring villages. You are required to travel to another village to help with the restoration of their respective villages OR you can stay in Elledolias to help around your home village. All divisions will be sent (so no slacking for you!)
Reward: 200G and 32 exp
Type: Non-repeatable
Client: n/a
Soul Gear Series is a mix of steampunk and middle ages of fantasy squished into one. There are 3 stories in total involving descendancy as the main theme. I never done a steampunk series so this was my very first series of it. It all started with the name Mithril though. I was playing Elemental Knights in Android once and saw the word mithril there. I thought it was such a pretty name for a strong-willed girl character and so I created Mithril before the prequels of the series came. Mithril is a name for metal and well particularly it would end up being a series first. Although then it progressed as a new kind now. There are three kingdoms in this world: Arces, Heion, and Rehn. Arces and Heion are enemies from both sides in the middle of the Rehn country. Rehn proposed a treaty of getting their royalty married with theirs to make a pact with both countries. Though it still caused quite of chaos within many years or so. One day one of each kingdoms' kings found 3 gears that resonated with all three of them and took one gear and named it after their own countries. They found out the gear had magical properties in them that would choose them to be fit as the rightful ruler of their own countries and thus they agreed to call it the Soul Gear. The Soul Gears would choose an offspring of the royal bloodline to be rightfully chosen as a ruler of their country.

Soul Gear
Soul Gear: Rehn
Soul Gear: Mithril
Soul Gear: Fate

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^Douluo Dalu II Chapter 97^
I am 18 yrs old who plays Elsword and Closers. My buddy(ies) are :iconsammysempai:, :iconkita4417:, :iconmasterneo51st:, :iconkioyori:, :icontranquilia:, and :iconxmrbunnyx: (He's :icontakashihere: now.) I can draw in pen.

My other accounts: :iconmagic15xv:, :iconmagicxiong:,

My Deviantart Friends: :iconnekinho-chan:, :iconchocolatte13:, :icontetsushi:, :iconhanaeve:, :iconkumano-san:, :iconranthemutant:, :icondeathlywish:, :iconsol-an:, :iconbreevey10:, :iconnikkeru:

Who I feel related to: Lofty: Executor Arme Thaumaturgy Stamp by SimlishBacon

I'm interested in playing Closers Online. And I diddddd thanks to the private international server!!!!!

Seulbi Lee - Official Agent - Lv.61
Levia - Trainee Crew - Lv.24
Harpy - Intern Crew - Lv.34

Seha x Seulbi!~ :heart:

I just found a translated volume 6 webtoon and it had a Seha x Seulbi moment....

I also ship Nata x Levia for some reason-

Favorite Deviant Artists: :iconchibisallina:, :iconmilonar:, :iconisaiahjordan:

Grand Chase Characters:
Rin-Lv.52 Chaotic-Dawn
Asin-Lv.7 Disciple
Zero-Lv.8 Wanderer
Lire-Lv.26 Crossbowman
Lass-Lv.70 Striker
Elesis-Lv.28 Spearman
Ronan-Lv.30 Aegis Knight
Arme-Lv.12 Magician
Ryan-Lv.1 Druid
Lime-Lv.70 Saint
Uno-Lv.18 Bloodless

Blast Breaker Online:
Siran-Lv.8 Witch-Stella
Isillia-Lv.7 Scout-Elona
Eanaris-Lv.1 Swordsman-Alan

Aura Kingdom Online:
Chimera:Aresina-Lv.48 Bard/Ranger, Siranae-Lv.23 Ronin, Blissing-Lv.17 Sorcerer
Siren:SaniaMaleficus-Lv.13 Wizard
Hydra:Light15XV-Lv.44 Necromancer/Gunslinger, Rurinaharu-Lv.6 Grenadier, Eisaru-Lv.6 Brawler

Lucent Heart:</u>
Remuru - Mage - Lv. 23

My Elsword OCs:</b>
Aresina - Brander
Crisis Kwillse Maleficus - Caster
Sania Orphiona Maleficus - Young Caster
Blissing (Maleficus) - Chaser
Xin Erika - Everlaster
Wisper Shalle - Nephal
Siranae - Spellcaster
Blake Eirwen - Zephyr

Grand Chase OCs:</b>
Rhea Amara Flora - Flora, Bard, Grace, Sakura
Nix Sisele - Snow Girl, Crystaria


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